A downloadable game for Windows

My submission for #procjam and #asylumjam2017.

The random generation is currently only the random status you can get, listed in the upper left of the HUD. Many more to come.

NOTE: The game is missing a death screen, proper win/loss conditions, and is in terrible need of balance. The core elements are there, just need of some significant love. I struggled to get the focused time to finish it during procjam and asylumjam, but I will be cleaning it up and finishing it over the next few weeks. So please check it out once I have a 1.0 version! Thank you for your patience and support.


The game is about finding the balance between priorities in life and keep oneself healthy and prepared. It's an over-simplification and extremeification (new word!) of what I experience trying to juggle being a good dad, husband, worker, friend, son, and finally trying to find some time and energy to make video games.

It's wonderfully ironic that I struggled to get the focused time to even make this game for the jam. I think I may have worked on it a whole 10 hours (woo!) but there's a lot more I want to do with it. Specifically, I want to add other struggles to it like disease (still working out the details on that one).

My goal is to create an empathetic game that helps the player understand the difficulty of juggling several responsibilities while also trying to find happiness and fulfillment, and staying afloat financially. Will I be able to do this? I'm not sure, but it's worth a shot.


Neglected 0.3.0 14 MB


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