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and i did beat the game

you can cheat with autoclicker

nice game!

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beat the game in 6:11.2

tried again beat in 4:39.06


l complete the in 18 minutes

(Watch the video:)

SUPER EASY and fantastic game!!!

it wont load

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it won't work

edit: lol it just did and i completed it.


Fun little game! I maxed out all the upgrades and got all the loot. If you ever add more stuff to this game, you should add an achievement for maxing out all the upgrades =)

l completed the game too.


What does the loot do?


So much loot! So much fun

It was surprisingly cool.


I was going to try and reach level 500 but stopped because my hand really started to hurt. I took your advice though so I think that was a success. Out of all the game I played in my video, this was the most fleshed out of them all but I still think it is a... SCAM. WHERE THE HELL IS MY LOOT. Your game is fourth in my video.

i also reached level 124 P.S i have a gaming mouse which lets you click fast

i beat the game in 1 minute

You spelt yellow with 3 L's

Also, i wonder when there'll be a prestige system...

you should add an achievement for getting all upgrades

It was so easy I beat it in lets see...5 min.

This Game Is Impossible I Beat The Game In Less Than An Hour

l beat it in 17 minutes (seriously)

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baibe baibe do baibe do biruleibi laibi?

I unlocked everything, upgraded everything to max, and got all the achievements. Now what?


Thats it. You finished. GG lol


Amazing Game!