My entry for #MetaGameJam! A clicker about loot boxes.


Click to earn XP

Hold down over the Loot Box to open.

Once you get the last achievement, there's no more content (for now), so that's the end of the game.

Thanks for playing!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsClicker, Idle, Incremental, loot-box, loot-crate


Download 14 MB


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i finished the game in 3 minutes

All achivements + Maxed out upgrades in ~5 mins.

finished the game 100% in 6 mins about

Oh no, I did everything I could, but it's too bad.


Hmm..What If I Use Autoclicker Hmm.. 

I used it though hehe


EZ Win

This is an interesting game. Add more to it, please.

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my 100% was 6:27.34

i am a epic gamer

Deleted 1 year ago
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my 100% run was 02:37.09

try to beat that

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i got a challenge for yall

do a 100% speedrun of this game (inc, all achievements, all collectibles and all upgrades max) good luck!


winner gets a lifetime of bragging

this will end on the 1st of july 2021

Deleted 1 year ago

I beat this in 7 min 23 sec


incase your confused on what the coins are for they let you buy icons if your having trouble getting them from lootboxes


what are coins for?

what do you use to coins for?

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Oh, and is it just me or did I just set a world record for having all upgrades fully upgraded at less than 5 minutes?


i did it in 3

still not impressive, i did it in 02:24.36


I made an account to tell you that you're the most annoying kind of person on this planet.




It would be nice if I was able to save my stats, get on a global top 10 leaderboard for this game. It’s a weird suggestion but it would be super cool!


I could just hold all my ten fingers and keep them there, I get stuff super fast. Best VG Easter egg ever!

Is it just me or does the Underguard green icon have a really low chance of dropping from the box?


I got that second try...

I noticed that the word yellow is spelt with 3 L's…


I beat it and didn’t even buy one of the icons

yea me too, you are not THAT good


and i did beat the game

you can cheat with autoclicker

nice game!

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beat the game in 6:11.2

tried again beat in 4:39.06

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l complete the in 18 minutes

(Watch the video:)

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SUPER EASY and fantastic game!!!

it wont load

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it won't work

edit: lol it just did and i completed it.


Fun little game! I maxed out all the upgrades and got all the loot. If you ever add more stuff to this game, you should add an achievement for maxing out all the upgrades =)

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l completed the game too.


What does the loot do?


So much loot! So much fun

Deleted post

I was going to try and reach level 500 but stopped because my hand really started to hurt. I took your advice though so I think that was a success. Out of all the game I played in my video, this was the most fleshed out of them all but I still think it is a... SCAM. WHERE THE HELL IS MY LOOT. Your game is fourth in my video.

i also reached level 124 P.S i have a gaming mouse which lets you click fast

i reached level 1568

i beat the game in 1 minute


i get a reply 2 years later


you should add an achievement for getting all upgrades

It was so easy I beat it in lets see...5 min.

This Game Is Impossible I Beat The Game In Less Than An Hour

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l beat it in 17 minutes (seriously)

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baibe baibe do baibe do biruleibi laibi?

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