A simple game about connecting the flow.

Click the river to rotate parts of it.

Created for Kenney Jam 2021 (Theme: Rotation), using art from the Nature Kit.

StatusIn development
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars


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Can't wait to play more levels.

Cute take on Pipemania. Could be really relaxing if you added some nice sounds and maybe a ducky floating down the river? :D Also, we found a bug for you, take a look.

Thanks for the feedback. Ironically, I hadn't heard of Pipemania, but the Bioshock hacking minigame was part of my inspiration (for the rotation and water flow), but I didn't want the stress of the time limit.

I absolutely love the idea of a ducky floating down the river!

Thanks for catching that bug. The game checks to make sure there's water in every area, but probably should check for connections instead.

good, the game is kind of fun.